The Easiest and Effective Fee Record System for lifetime.

 Student's Fee Record System

Student's fee management solution helps schools and colleges to manage all their payments in one place easily. It also provides an easy way to make reports on the collected fees and payments made by students.

What is the main purpose of fee record system software? 

There are many benefits and purposes to implementing a digital fee record system. Mostly
  1. To keep the record up-to-date
  2. To keep the record safe and accessible
  3. To generate reports 
  4. To analyze the data
  5. To check the working of staff and transactions.
  6. To generate a voucher system
  7. To generate and apply a bank challan system
  8. To send digital intimations, notifications, alerts, and receiving messages.
  9. To increase fee collection easily.
  10. To reduce defaulter payments.

Why do we need excel based fee record system software?

There are many reasons to use this smart Excel software because
1. This is offline and easy to use.
2. This is cost-effective.
3. This provides full control.
4. No need for special training.
5. It provides all necessary reports.
6. It is easily transferable.
7. It is password protected by the owner.
8. It reduces effort, price, and also time.
9. It provides lifetime solutions.
10. It provides fee WhatsApp SMS alerts for a lifetime.

How to use this software?

 1. Open your PC/Computer
2. Find and open the folder where this software file is saved.
3. Open this file as an Excel program.
More easier and effective fee record system
4. Enter the information on the main page. such as
a. Fee month :
b. Current Date: 
c. Issue Date: 
d. Last Date: 
e. Bank Name: 
f. Bank Account Tile:
g. Bank Account:
h. Bank Address: 
I. Mention All classes
j. Enter Remarks to use further.
5. After filling in the main page click on Fee/Dues button 
More easier and effective fee record system

6. Fill in the student name and the fee detail of each.
7. To print the Challan/Voucher select Student's name from the list or type the serial number on the red cell and then click to print challan.

More easier and effective fee record system

8. For sending SMS go to the main page and then click on the SMS button.
More easier and effective fee record system

9. To send an SMS first give WhatsApp number of the relevant student and Press "Send Message".

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