The Best Student’s Testing Report Making Software System for Lifetime Solution

Testing Report Making Software System 

A Student's Testing Report Making Software System has numerous benefits for educational institutions. Firstly, it automates the process of generating reports, saving time and reducing errors caused by manual data entry. Secondly, it provides a centralized database to store student information, making it easier for teachers to access and analyze data. Thirdly, it enables teachers to track student progress over time and identify areas where additional support is needed. Fourthly, it allows for easy communication between teachers, parents, and administrators regarding student performance. Lastly, it improves transparency and accountability by providing detailed reports that can be shared with stakeholders. Overall, this system can lead to more efficient and effective educational outcomes.

What are the problems of Testing Software Systems in the market?

  1. Advance Software is costly
  2. It is difficult to use in average educational institutions
  3. It requires time and training to operate
  4. It requires a special technical person to operate
  5. Monthly, Annual, or other hidden charges burden.
  6. Not fully access
  7. Not fulfill the local requirement according to our own system. etc.

What are the solutions for Testing Software Systems in the market?

  1. It must be very simple excel based software. (Available)
  2. It must be very very easy to learn and use it. (Available)
  3. It must consume only a few minutes to understand. (Available)
  4. It must be fully accessed. (Available)
  5. It must be very cost-effective. (Available)
  6. It must fulfill the domestic requirements. (Available)
  7. It must have multiple functioning and flexibility to use. (Available)

So, What is the solution offered?

How to use this software?

1. Open the folder 
2. Open the Testing Software (Excel)

Excel Based Testing Reports Generating Software
3. Dashboard will appear 
4. From this window you can edit the following data.
a. You can test sessions e.g 2022-23
b. Report title e.g. Monthly Report, Weekly Report, or Annual Report, etc.
c. You can choose and add Grades and labels e.g A+ = Extraordinary etc. 
d. You can add All classes e.g. Class 1st to  12th or etc.
e. You can add All subjects of the classes e.g. English, Urdu, Mathematics, G.K, etc.
f. You can add here Testing Series labels e.g. T1, T2, T3,....... etc.

Excel Based Testing Reports Generating Software

 5. After Updating the main information Click on the Marks Sheet button available on the top left of the main screen.

6. After Clicking the button marks sheet will open to enter the data.

Excel Based Testing Reports Generating Software
7. In the marks sheet page following data can be entered.
a. Just move on to the cell on top and select the subject from the list. e.g. English, Urdu, etc.
b. Type the name of the student e.g Noor-e-Fajar
c. After entering the name in the very next cell select his calls from the list. e.g. Class 9th
d. Select the Test type of label at the end of the record. e.g. T1, T2, etc.
e. Enter the total marks and obtained marks of each student. e.g. Total Marks =100, Obtained Marks =50 etc.
f. You can enter student attendance status e.g  Total days, Present days, Total Leaves, etc. 
8. To generate a result report select the serial number of the desired student or type in the red cell given on the top left of the marks sheet page and then hit the print result report button. 
Testing Report Making Software System

9. Hit the print button to print the Result Report of the student.
10. Repeat the process to select the student from the list to print the result report one by one.
11. For sending the message of the test result go to the main page and hit the SMS button.

Testing Report Making Software System

12. SMS Sending Window will open.
13. Enter the WhatsApp number of the student given and then click "send message"
14. That, automatically system will generate a message report and send it.

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